Religion: The Box Set

The Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, have a lot in common. So much in common it’s hard to study one without studying the others. Often theologians and academics interested in religion will study all three religions and their respective texts at the same time to understand their commonalities and difference.

To illustrate these commonalities I will be working on a design for a box set of the Torah, The Bible, and the Quran. The set will use iconography common to all three texts as well as elements distinct within each faith to link and distinguish.

Specifically the imagery associated with heaven and Eden, the apple and vines of green will serve as a point of commonality that will reach between all of the books. the distinguishing marks will be a bit more challenging since i’d like to avoid the simple icons currently used to denote the faiths as the Star of David, the Cross and the Crescent Moon.

Images to come soon!

Author: Ali

Developer and dreamer. I like to solve problems and make things come to life.

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