Lamps Update

So I went back to Material Connexion on Friday with my friend Nora who has had considerable experience with fiber optics. I explained to her what I’d like to do and how I’d like to do it, and we looked at the variety of materials available to us at the library in Manhattan.

There was the beautiful Lumiblade OLED panels that would work, but wouldn’t be as flexible as I’d like them to be.

Along those same lines was the Sensacell panels, that you see in a lot of interactive installations. They also sacrifice flexibility but instead you gain a considerable amount of interactivity.

But ultimately, the materials I’d like to work with turns out to be the Lumitex fiber optic sheets. Material Connexion didn’t have any in their library but they did  have the Italian brand Luminex fiber optic fabric. Unfortunately, the Luminex is very dim and as a result a no go for what I’d like to accomplish. Nora mentioned she has some Lumitex at her studio and I plan on visiting later this week to play with it, but at this point I’m considering an alternative construction.

Enter Origami.


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