Focus on Focus Groups

This week all 16 of us are participating in two focus groups with tenants from 240 Central Park South to better understand what they are interested in as tenants.

As students, artists and interlopers we can only glimpse a slice of life at 240 CPS and to help us understand a bit more we turn to the age old technique of asking and chatting.

Paraphrasing, these are some of the points that help me best understand what life was like for the four tenants we spoke with:

“240 CPS is like the center of the world to me, everywhere I go is relative to here.”

“It’s hard knowing your neighbors, it’s much easier to know their dogs.”

“The staff here are wonderful and seeing the doorman every day, coming and going, makes life here just a little more pleasant.”

“Technology is great in the building, but I kind of miss having to talk with the front desk and checking for mail and packages. Instead we just get emails now.”

“Noise is unbearable, and it’s the one thing that might make me move. The changed traffic patterns and constant construction have made it difficult to find peace.”

You can see more of what my classmates noticed in the same focus groups by looking at Phil Groman’s post on it, or Engin Ayaz’s recap.

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