The Power of Observation…

Sensitive Building’s is about understanding as much as it is about creating. To that end, Rob Faludi, our professor and ITP Alumni, first assigned us to simply observe.

After chatting with Michelle Boisson, my classmate and partner on this project, we decided to try to head down Ground Zero on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks to observe people as they experience the site. We first arrived at the Cortland Street Station but we meandered south from there to the edge of Zucotti Park, on the corner Trinity Place and Liberty Street where last year Occupy Wall Street had encamped.

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We had originally planned on going straight to the memorial just a block away but it was closed to the public for family of the victims of the attacks. This turned out to be fortuitous since a second part of our observation exercise was to have another group from class go to the same location at a later date and observe what they could. Our counterparts, Michael Uzzi and Gavin Hackeling decided to attend on the following Sunday and Monday which happened to be the one year anniversary of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Our observations can be seen in the presentation below.

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