Objects imbued with emotion

Two sculptures exploring the embodiment of stress

We’re starting a new term at ITP and I’m enrolled in what looks to be an excellent course on product design called Ideas Taking Shape. Our first assignment is to create an object our of plain wood that would embody an emotion. I decided to work with the emotional state that stress creates, though I’m not certain if I can call “stress” an emotion. Nonetheless, I first imagine creating a sculpture not unlike the “Atlas” sculpture outside of Rockefeller Center, a man who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.

I drew out some sketches of a thousand needle like objects flying haphazardly onto a single object. Instead of splinter a piece of wood into a thousand bits I tried to find objects that already had the form I desired. This lead me through a search of materials at hand and materials I could purchase and I settled upon Toothpicks. Through the process I also happened upon some old Jenga blocks that we were going to throw out and I realized how perfect the blocks were for this creation.

The result is two sculptures that try to embody what stress might feel like, the never ending attack of deadlines, projects, commitments and obligations that are juggled precariously by the individual.

Author: Ali

Developer and dreamer. I like to solve problems and make things come to life.

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