Mosh Mural (a teaser)

Working on this project for a while and it’s finally taking shape. I hope to be able to post something more soon about how it looks. But in the meantime the code is available here at github.

The central premise is that visuals at concerts often concentrate on the music or the band, but rarely offer the audience an opportunity to feedback into the music and the aesthetics. The mural functions as a mirror for the audience, offering them a new way to engage the performance and via the visuals the performers. It allows a feedback mechanism that is tuned to both the audience’s motion and energy as well as the music.

The program uses the Kinect to capture data about the space and people and augments it with audio data from FFT algorithms.

Check a teaser below, but more documentation will follow soon. The project is a work in progress as we’re trying to fine tune the visuals and interaction for the ITP Spring Show.


Author: Ali

Developer and dreamer. I like to solve problems and make things come to life.

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