Suggested Crypto Art Abstract

So I’m considering a paper on the topic of visual cryptography in art. Here’s a short abstract I wrote, I would love any feedback anyone would have.

The intention of this paper is to explore the potential uses of visual cryptography in the arts. Cryptography has typically been the playground of mathematicians and computer scientists and the lifeblood of the financial industry and secretive organizations. In 1994 Moni Noar and Adi Shamir developed a novel method of encryption that splits an image into shares which when layered can recreate the original image. Alone the shares are just static and their original image can’t be deciphered through pattern analysis. This concept has obvious potential uses in the arts to hide a message either to protect the author, the content or simply to make a statement through the process. This paper will explore how cryptography has been used in art thus far and suggest potential methods and applications of visual cryptography in art practice.

Author: Ali

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