My Tea Party Nightmare

A few weeks ago I went to Niagara falls with my wife for a brief vacation over Thanksgiving. It was wonderful, the last time I’d been there was with my family as a child and I couldn’t remember much from the experience. I ended up shooting a few quick videos with my Lumix camera that I held on to, and when we returned I thought some of the video would make for great backgrounds in a animation I was working on.

All I knew at the time was I wanted to draw, I wanted to include the video from the falls, and I was frustrated at the state of American politics. The Thanksgiving break saw the passing of a deadline for a “super committee” to cut the budget deficit gracefully without letting a automatic across the board cut take effect. The deadline came and went without any action from congress.

Now after working with After Effects for several weeks, I’ll be the first to admit that I really don’t know how to work After Effects. It’s the same reason I never liked Flash for animating tweens and shapes, that is, the software algorithms often give you something incredibly unpleasant in the end which you have to spend hours and hours tweaking. Take a look for yourself. It’s not pretty, but it’s something!


Author: Ali

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