Over the summer I worked on several projects that required a great deal of 3D modeling in Sketchup, and I loved it. I’ve worked with software like Maya before, but Sketchup is amazingly easy and fun to work with. When we signed up for courses this term at ITP the Communications Lab Animation section stood out to me. I was hoping to do more of the 3D modeling I did over the summer, but instead on a grander scale and with friends.

Careful however, about your preconceived notions. I assumed we’d be working with 3D modeling but the reality was much more basic and fun than that. The first project for Animation was a stop motion I worked on with my wife. Around this time I was spending a lot of time at ITP working in the ER and on projects, and as any ITPer can attest, you take on some of the attributes and qualities of the walking dead. This is the inspiration for our little project.

Author: Ali

Developer and dreamer. I like to solve problems and make things come to life.

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