Creating an API for a Tapestry

I recently met Marshall Reese and Nora Ligorano, the creators of the Fiber Optic Tapestry, a digital light sculpture. The Tapestry is a series of small square grids of woven fiber optics lit by super brite LED’s, encased and hung up on the wall. The system is driven by a series of programs written by several collaborators which can be visualizations of static scripts or dynamically pulled data.

The tapestry is gorgeous. If you’ve only seen photos or videos you really haven’t had a chance to appreciate how amazing it is. ¬†Marshall and Nora are building a second version and are looking for more visualizations and animations to be built for the tapestry, and I’m hoping to join their long list of amazing collaborators.

My final project for ICM is to attempt to create a library of sorts of functions and classes that will allow for the creation of scripts for the tapestry, as well as a WYSIWYG environment to ‘draw’ onto the tapestry and animate.